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2x1.5B Heavy duty

Time:2019-12-10 17:05:12
Product parameters


The frame plate liners for XN-AH series pumps have replaceable wear-resistant metal liners. The impellers are made of wear-resistant metal. The frame plate liner and impeller for XN-AH pump are adoptable of hard metal only.

Bearing assembly use cylindrical structure, which helps adjust the space between impeller and cover plate liner easily, and being removed completely when being repaired. Bearings use grease lubrication. The shaft seal could use the packing seal, centrifugal seal and mechanical seal. The discharge side can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications. Here are the drive types, such as V belt drive, gear reducer drive, fluid coupling drive, and frequency conversion drive devices. Wide performance, good NPSH and high efficiency, the pump of this type may be installed in multistage series to meet the delivery for long distance.


XN-AH pumps using for handing strong abrasive, high density slurries and low density, high head slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments etc.

For example: Coal washery processing, handling with the fine ore and tailings in metal mine, handing combined bottom and fly ash in a thermal power station.

Model Explanation

1.5: Intake diameter (inch)
1: Discharge size (inch)
B: Frame type with maximum power
XN: Shijiazhuang Xuenuo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Detailed advantage

1. Cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal, single stage slurry pump
2. Widely application: Designed for handling abrasive, high density slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments.
3. Long bearing life: The bearing assembly is with large diameter shaft and short overhang.
4. Anti-abrasion wet parts: The wet parts can be made of pressure molded rubber. They are completely interchangeable with metal wet parts.
5. Easy adjustment of impeller: An impeller adjustment mechanism is provided below the bearing housing.
6. Expeller seal , mechanical seal and packing seal are available.