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Duration is approximately 11 minutes


Metronome markings are included as a guide, but deviations from the marked tempos - within reason - are perfectly acceptable.


Fingerings, string assignments and positions are provided, but the player may make changes if the change results in a more efficient musical result.


Sonata for Gutiar was inspired after a trip to La Guitarra, California in the fall of 2009. Keith Calmes had asked me to write a piece for him in 2008 - but I was unsure about how I wanted to proceed. However, after watching virtuosic perfrormances of the Brouwer and Goss sonatas by Michael Partington, as well as a stirring performance of the Steve Reich work: Electric Counterpoint by David Tanenbaum, I decided to write a multi-movement guitar work.  


The subtitles correlate to my life with my triplet sons. The excitement of the Arrival; the serenity of the Lullaby, and the anxiety of the Adventure.


Arrival and Lullaby could be programmed as stand-alone pieces.


Sonata for Guitar